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Tamed pets are a marketable commodity in the Imperian marketplace. Using animal pens, a purchasable addon in shops, a shopkeeper is able to place a pet up for sale. Each pet in an animal pen will generate an upkeep tax, which will take away from the sale revenue.

PETSKILLS / PETCONSIDER / PETASSESS can all be used on pets being sold in a shop.

The following commands will only work in the stockroom of a shop and are either the owner of the shop or one of the owner's allies:
   - Purchase an animal pen in order to store  pets in a safe environment in your shop.
   - You can have a maximum of 20 pets in a single animal pen.
   - Animal pens have all the same functionality of shelves, so the SHELF command applies.
   - Animal pens currently cost 250k.

PETSHOP PRICE <pet> IN <animalpen> FOR <gold amount> [BASEPRICE]
   - This is the syntax that which will lead your pet into the animal pen and set it up for sale.
   - While the pet is in the animal pen, it will be cared after by a stable boy so that it remains fit for sale. It will generate an upkeep tax, similar to that of a pet in a stable/kennel.
   - When the pet is bought from the shop, the upkeep tax for the pet will be deducted from the revenue automatically.
   - If the upkeep tax is higher than the purchase price, the pet will not be purchasable.
   - If BASEPRICE is used, then the price will become variable and evaluated as "GOLD# + UPKEEP".
   - If you don't have "Transfer" in Taming then the pet will lose a little % of its skills.

PETSHOP RELEASE <pet> FROM <animalpen>
   - This will remove your pet from the animal pen, removing it from sale.
   - When removing a pet from the animal pen, you will be forced to pay the upkeep tax of the pet from gold in your inventory.
   - Having a pawprint badge will let you bypass the fee when removing them from the shop. It does not, however, lessen or bypass the fee while they are within the shop for sale.

PETSHOP PAYUPKEEP <pet> IN <animalpen>
   - If you are feeling generous to your customers then you can pay the upkeep tax associated with your pet.
   - This is particularly useful if you're using the BASEPRICE option.