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10.4.3 The Ministry of Security

The Ministry of Security is responsible for the internal security of the city. Its primary function is the protection of its citizens, and the dispensation  of justice to those who have violated the laws of the city.

The funds for the city defences come out of the budget of the Ministry of Security,  so it is important that it stay funded. The Ministry of Security may:

  - See how much money your Ministry has. This must be done from the Council Room.

BRAND <player> <enemy/ally/neutral> <reason>
  - Brand a player an enemy or an ally of your city, or clear their existing status.

CITY AMNESTY <player> <#> <days|months|years> <reason>
  - This will grant amnesty to a character. They will not suffer enemy status for the time stated and will not be attacked by guards, org defences, etc. 

CITY AMNESTY REVOKE <player> <reason>
  - Remove amnesty from the character prematurely.

  - Add an organization to the list of unwanted organizations within your city. Members of unwanted organizations will be treated as city enemies by guards, totems and other effects, the only difference is that they will not be attacked by siege weapons while not inside your city proper. Being a member of the city, or formally allied to it, overrides any unwanted status.

  - Remove a previously added organization from the unwanted list.

  - List unwanted organizations in your city.

READPLOG <city> <player>
  - Read the available records about a given player. This includes changes to enemy and ally status, as well as any notes added by those with the privilege.

WRITEPLOG <city> <player> <comment>
  - Add a comment to the personal log of the player.

  - For a fee of 10000 gold taken from your Ministry funds, see all rooms in the city unprotected with a monolith sigil or holy ground.
  - For a fee of 1000 gold taken from your ministry funds, see which guards are manning siege engines, how much ammo they have and their location in the city.

  - Will see what kind of city guards you can purchase.

CITY GUARD PURCHASE <guard type #> [FOR <squad name>]
  - Will purchase a guard of that type, move it to the Council Room, and make it follow you.
  - Guards will auto-attack city enemies, and will announce on your city channel when they are first attacked, and when they are dying.
  - You may have a maximum of 100 guards at any one time in your city.
  - Archers will shoot arrows at people in the sky, as well as attack on the ground normally.
  - Guards require a maintenance of one food commodity per an Imperian month.
  - If you indicated a squad, it will automatically join that squad and march to join it.

  - Will upgrade the guard to elite status. Elite guards hit harder and have more health. The cost is twice the purchasing cost of the guard. Elite guards require a higher maintenance than regular ones - 2.5 food commodities per an Imperian month.

  - Lists your city guards and their locations.
  - A (P) in front of their name indicates that they are (P)atrolling as part of a squad.
  - A (W) in front of their name indicates that they are (W)andering. This is when they are ordered to patrol and are not part of a squad.
  - A (G) in front of their name indicates that they are permanently
    standing (G)uard.
  - A (B) in front of their name indicates that they are standing guard in a (B)arracks, and will come out when a citizen or a mob loyal to the city calls for help.
  - A (C) in front of their name indicates that they are standing guard in a barracks and will only come out when a (C)itizen calls for help.
  - If there is neither a (P), (G), (B), or (C), it means the guard is standing guard, but will respond to calls for help, and will chase those it attacks.

  - Dismisses a guard from active service.
  - Can only be done in the council room.

  - Archers and telepaths will attack anyone within the borders of the city or council. 
  - Archers cannot shoot at people indoors and their arrows cannot go through shields. 
  - Telepaths do not have either of these restrictions, but they attack at a slower rate.
  - Hiring will have an initial cost of 10,000 gold. 
  - There is a monthly maintenance fee of 10,000 gold to pay for lodging and wages.
  - Archers and telepaths must be alerted to enemies within the city before they will attack them. City guards will do this automatically to anyone they attack. 
  - A player may alert the guards by typing in CALL FOR HELP AGAINST <name>. You must be in the same room with the person to do this.

  - Orders one of your guards to stand guard at a particular spot. If called away by CALL FOR HELP, the guard will eventually try to return to that spot.
  - The PERMANENT is optional. Setting this on a guard will cause the guard not to leave his post to track down calls for help, or to track down any enemies it might attack.

  - Orders one of your guards to stand guard inside a barracks. A max of 5 guards can guard one barracks. Guards in a barracks will only come out when they are called for help.
  - The CITIZENS is optional. A guard that is set to guard a barracks for citizens will only come out when a citizen calls for help. Calls for help from mobs loyal to the city will be ignored.

ORDER <guard> MOVE <dir>
- Use this to direct the guard where to go.

ORDER SQUAD <squad name> MOVE <dir>
- Use this to an entire squad to move in a direction. If a squad it ordered in this way, it will be set to standguard in the new room.

  - Orders a guard to enter a sewer grate to enter the sewers.
  - If the guard was just purchased and is still following you, the command will be unnecessary.

  - Orders a guard to leave a barracks.

  - Orders a guard to randomly wander around, patrolling your city for criminals.

ORDER <guard> DROP <thing>
  - Orders the guard to drop an item they are currently holding.

  - Orders the guard to drop all things currently in their inventory.

ORDER <guard> MAN <siege weapon> 
  - The guard will man the siege weapon and fire at any enemies in range. The weapon needs to be supplied with ammo. You can PUT the appropriate ammo in the siege weapon to keep it safe.

  - The guard will stop manning any siege weapons.

Default Guard Types:
Constable: Slow movement, Slow attack speed, Weak strength
Soldier  : Medium movement, Slow attack speed, Medium strength
Warrior  : Medium movement, Medium attack speed, High strength
Knight   : Fast movement, Medium attack speed, Very high strength
Istani   : Medium movement, Medium attack speed, Very High strength
           Does electric damage and uses web tattoos.
Archer   : Fast movement, medium attack speed, high strength.
           Tentacle tattoo.
Shieldman: Medium movement, Slow attack speed, Weak strength.
           A 66% chance of blocking any enemies trying to leave the room.
Healer   : Heals guards and players in the same room as them. 
           Does not attack enemy players.