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20.2.1 Design Guidelines

The Crafter's Union has developed this short but necessary list of rules, regulations and suggestions applicable to all those practicing the skills of tailoring, woodcrafting, jewelry, masonry, cooking, libations, and whatever else happens to fall within the Guild's jurisdiction.

1. PROOFREAD. Proper spelling, punctuation, and grammar are integral in order to maintain the quality of Imperian, and this goes just as much for mortals as it does for anyone else.

2. PAY ATTENTION. Different elements of the design will require different things. The appearance must -not- begin with capitalization. Do not use any commas in the appearance, and never include a period. The opposite proves true for the other two descriptions (dropped and examined): Capitalization is a must, as is closing punctuation.

3. MATCH DESIGN TO PATTERN. Make absolutely sure there is consistency between your item type and your descriptions. All too often mortals submit dresses drawn up on gown patterns, or sofas as benches. As well, the appearance and dropped MUST include the item type name, and the main noun should be obvious - 'a hat made of cake' is obviously a hat, while 'a cake hat' may not be obvious. The noun should not be obscured -  Make absolutely sure your dropped description mentions the item as it is so that others can interact with it. 

4. GRAMMAR. All too common are a few specific grammatical errors. If you have 'A pair' of something, it is singular; it will not be "A pair of shoes are lying here," but, "A pair of shoes is lying here." Secondly, 'lying' is more often than not the proper word - 'A dress is lying here' is preferable to, 'A dress is laying here.'

5. TIMEFRAME. Refrain from using blatantly modern styles and other such things. We shouldn't be seeing recliners or latex mini-skirts with zippers.

6. MAGICK. Mortal designs cannot be inherently magickal, and should not create light. The only exceptions to this are items considered as light sources: candelabra, candlesticks, chandeliers, lanterns, and sconces. Some rare commodities may occasionally be allowed to cause subtle glow or illumination, though bright light emitted from an item is only allowed in artifacts, not mortal crafting.

7. POOR TASTE. Excessively goofy submissions, as well as those in poor taste, will invariably be rejected. This means no shirts or underwear with slogans or phrases on them, no skirts made of mushroom caps, and nothing such as 'an erotic vial shaped like a naked woman'. Fetish/sex play items will not get through the process because of this reason alone.

8. ALIASES. Many items you can design have multiple aliases by which they may be interacted with. Ensure you set the correct alias on your design if it is available on the pattern. If it is not currently available, you will need to contact Alend with your request for the addition.