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6.11.4 Selling Drinks

Shop keepers are able to sell their unique blends of drinks from a bar at their shop. Shop keepers are able to sell a "refill" of a drink per order, rather than preparing drinks in containers before hand. This is similar in concept to crafter shelves.

The command to add a bar to your shop is: 


The cost for adding a bar to your shop is 100,000 gold.

Once you have purchased a bar for your shop, you may "ADD <fluid> to <bar>", which will attach a keg to the bar and allow a player to fill their container from it.

You will be able to interact with the keg in the bar as any normally stocked item (i.e. PRICE the keg in order to sell its contents). You should price your drinks for five "sips" per purchase. The price will scale from there as necessary.

To remove a fluid from sale, remove the keg from a bar (using the GET command). You will not receive the physical keg in your inventory - it is removed from sale and is gone.

Like a crafter's shelf, you will need to have enough stocked commodities in your shop cache in order to refill the keg when it empties.

Commodities are not expended for every drink sold. Instead, the keg will refill when emptied (if commodities are available), expending the commodities required to brew the drink.

A keg can hold a maximum of 1000 sips.

In order to fill your cup from a store, you will need to do "REFILL <container> FROM <keg>". Your container will be filled to the brim. 

Be wary, containers are limited in how many "sips" they can hold. "A simple earthenware pitcher" will hold 60 sips which can then be poured into other containers (such as cups) in order to maximize your buying power.