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3.7.1 Market Channel

The ability to broadcast your desire to BUY or SELL a PRODUCT or SERVICE is a
wonderful addition to the commerce of Aetherius. However, the market channel is
a privilege and not a right. By following a few simple guidelines, you can help
ensure that the market channel is available for generations to come!

A) All use of the channel must be DIRECTLY related to the selling or buying of
a product or service. Please, NO EXTRA COMMENTS. Buy, sell or hush.

     Good: (Market:) Calix says, "Ad 9! Selling illegal toxins for half price!"
     Bad:  (Market:) Shallah says, "Hey! You can't do that! Peace man, Peace"
     Bad:  (Market:) Calix says, "Heh."

B) The selling of 'trigger systems' or 'reflex systems' is prohibited. However,
if you have skill in the form of battle knowledge to share with the world for a
price, this is acceptable.

     Good: (Market:) Aesir says, "Willing to train any Arboreal for battle
                     and survival! See ad 20 for prices, or send tells for
                     more information!"
     Bad:  (Market:) Nemesis says, "Selling battle reflexes, beat anyone 
                     anytime. Best trigger system in the game ready to be 
                     personalized to your class."

C) Do not ask to speak with a Divine over the market channel. The Gods rarely
frequent the market channel. If it is something related to their Order, contact
someone that represents them. This does not mean you should resort to seeking a
member of a Divine Order via the market channel. There are many ways to do this
without the abuse of market. You could contact someone from an organization
that the particular God patrons, or simply use your own voice by speaking to
various people in the realms that might be familiar with who to speak to.

D) As an extension of the above, do not ask to speak to members of specific
organisations over the market channel. Simply use HELP <organisation> to find
publically available members of that organisation.

E) It is permissible to advertise arena events for your city or council, but
please use common sense and do not announce the same event more than a couple
of times.

F) Auctions are not to be held via market channel. If you are holding an
auction, you may advertise the date and time on the market channel, but are not
to update Aetherius on your auction a ridiculous amount of times. 

G) If your advertisement is very wordy, please use an Ad instead. See HELP ADS
for more information. The channel is limited to 200 characters, more will not
be possible.

     Bad: (Market:) Avasyu says, "You like herbs? I like herbs? Need some 
                    herbs? I got some herbs! Selling herbs for one hundred 
                    gold a piece. You really will like my herbs because I 
                    grow them using only the freshest of forest soil, jungle 
                    dirt, and ocean waters. My herbs cure paralysis, stupidity,
                    slickness, ugliness, wimpiness. I make concoctions out of 
                    the most manly vials too! See me today! Stand outside!

H) DO NOT USE MARKET TO ADD COMMENTARY. When you advertise, keep it to simply
     Bad: (Market:) Eloweth says, "Selling Alchemy items! Thanatos is 
                    a monkey face!"

I) Do not correct others who misuse the market channel, that is for the
administration to do. Those that use the market channel to say, "Help Market"
are abusing it just as much as the others are. If you feel the need to correct
someone, please do so in tells.

Those who are found to misuse the market channel will receive a warning and
after another infraction will lose their market privileges. The amount of time
simply depends on the frequency, the nature of the infraction, and the whim of
the Divine. So, before you use the market channel, think about the nature of
your comment. If there is any question in your mind, ask or simply hush up.

Happy selling and buying!