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Imperian has hundreds of help files to help you learn more about the game and how to play.

19.17 Administrators of Imperian

There are a handful of individuals who work behind the scenes to keep Imperian running. Submitting bugs, ideas and issues should be prioritized before contacting someone directly.

Skuf <>
Skuf is the current producer of Imperian. Most inquiries or concerns should be addressed to him.

Jeremy <>
Jeremy is the original creator of Imperian. His current focus is with Iron Realms. Prefer sending emails, as they may not view in-game messages often.

Additionally, you may occasionally be contacted by the following Administrative shells. These are managed by multiple individuals. It is preferred to avoid messaging these directly, unless you are replying to their messages.

- Lachesis
- Clotho
- Atropos

Any questions or concerns relating to crafting should be addressed to the following shell:

- Alend

Last, but not least, Imperian currently has the following volunteers ranging from coders to builders. You may encounter them (rarely) when dealing with bugs. Please be extra nice to them.

- Eryx
- Kiandre
- Qraarmac
- Valethar
- Tahrirz