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11.3 Sects

A sect is an organization created from cults, with many improvements over them. If an Entity has been accepted into the cult it may take the cult to the next level: a sect. In the process of transforming a cult into a sect, the cult requires 100% belief so the entity can perform the transformation. The entity itself also changes, taking on a new, improved form, depending on the circle that the cult belongs to, as denoted in HELP ENTITIES.

Cults can become a sect without an Entity, it just takes a little more effort. You will need to gain a Drystanian fragment from killing Relinas (A cult member must have the killing blow for it to drop from Relinas for them.) Once they gain this fragment they will also need 100% belief. (Also see HELP CULT RITUALS to see how to use the fragment.)

Sects are able to organize their structure much better than cults can - refer to HELP SECT STRUCTURE for specifics.

You can use SECT LIST <circle> to review the list of sects available within each circle, and SECT INFO <sect> to learn more about each one.

Sect members can use SECTWHO to see who is online with them, and SECTT <text> to communicate with others. The SECT PRIVS command and HELP SECT PRIVILEGES show additional privileges that can be used.

Sects have access to rituals - refer to HELP SECT RITUALS for specifics.

Sects can build a temple - HELP SECT TEMPLES provides more information.