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The Arboreals were founded long ago by those refugees from fallen Caanae that
found a new home within the safety of the secluded woodlands. Though the first
inhabitants of the forest were the Sylayan and Lycaean races that transformed
under the light of the moon Moradeim, people from all walks of life are welcome
within the modern Arboreal guild. Within the depths of the Khandava Forest, the
guild has made its home in a forestal community that rivals any city. 

Over many years as the guild has transformed to include all races and beliefs,
it never strayed from the ideals and qualities that Arboreals hold most dear.
Holding true to the qualities of wisdom, dedication, and unity with Nature, a
dedicated Arboreal stands up against all those that would harm Nature and
defend it to their very last breath. 

While acknowledging Khandava as their true home, Arboreals do not limit
themselves where Nature is concerned - all of Nature is protected with equal
zeal. A true Arboreal understands all aspects of Nature from the wild animals
of the forest to the shifting sands of the desert. They have great pride in
their ability to attack or defend with swift action due to their intimate
attunement to the flora and fauna of Aetherius. They keep a watchful eye over
their charge, patroling and tending the lands they protect. A thorn in the
sides of their enemy, an Arboreal is a force to be reckoned with when the well
being of Nature is at stake. 

The skills used by the Arboreals are those that involved the greatest knowledge
and focus on their environment. In the powers of Bonding, an Arboreal becomes
one with the spirit of their animal brethren, drawing on the physical strengths
of each animal's spirit to allow them fierce movement. Groves is the most
sacred to an Arboreal's heart, allowing them a direct connection with the land
that they call home. The powers that can be called upon are truly
awe-inspiring. The final skill an Arboreal may gain is that of Naturalism.
With time and focus an Arboreal may attune themselves with the natural world
such that they are able to control the weather itself as well as magickally 
extract useful properties from living trees. It is most important to remember
that these skills are granted to them as servants of Nature, rather than 
entrepreneurs of the world