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23.5 Raiding

Raiding is a formal system allowing characters to attack cities or councils and claim objectives. 

Raids are started at an organisational generator which is charged to strike an opposing city with a blast of energy. This blast confuses guards and other defenses for a short period of time. During this time, characters may attempt to raid and claim objectives. 

A city or council can raid each other city or council once per game month.

Lists all raids in process and in cooldown.

Lists all city raid objectives and where they are currently located.

Lists all characters currently raiding.

This command may issued by character with war powers. Once the command is triggered, a game message is sent indicating a five minute preparation period. There is a 100,000 energy cost involved with sounding the start of a raid so that the generator may power up. After five minutes, the generator will blast the opposing organisation with a surge of power. This surge will confuse their archers, telepaths, and guards.

Raiders will have 20 minutes to enter the city and attempt to drag or pull an objective to the city gates. Should the raiders get an objective outside of the city gates, it will be teleported to your city where it will remain until another city captures it. 

The final 5 minutes of a raid will see the effects of the generator surge slowly wear off. Guards will start to see better and attack more.

You can only declare a raid against another organisation once per game month (real life day). This is cleared at the end of each month.

In combination with the generator, you may expend a blue shard to surround yourself in a miasma. This miasma will make it hard for city guards to see and attack you. In addition they will have a hard time tracking to you. Without this miasma guards will attack you normally within a city. Forming a miasma will add you to the RAIDERS list. This command can be used during the preparatory period or during the raid itself. You do not have to be a citizen of the raiding city, but you cannot be enemied to it.

This command displays the most dominant raiding organisation.

List any ransoms your city is involved with.

CITY RANSOM OFFER <objective> TO <city/council> FOR gp <amt> comm1 <amt> comm2 <amt> . . . 
Offer an objective to another city in exchange for gold or commodities.

Accept a ransom offer.

Each city or council has three objectives in it. An influential mob, a statue, a standard. Once your city has started a raid you can attempt to move these items to the gates of the city.

DRAG <mob> <dir>
This command it used against the mob of the organisation you are raiding.

BECKON <mob> <dir> 
This command it used to direct a mob from your city where to go. Obviously you do not want to drag your own citizens.

PUSH <item> <dir>
This command is used with the statue and standard items.

DEFACE <monument>
This command is used with the monument city objective. 

CITY REPAIR <monument> <comm # comm #>
This will cost the city 50,000 gold, 10% generator energy, and 25 comms or your choice (iron, stone, or wood). This command can be done by Minister of Developement or their aides. This action will not work if all of the rooms affected by the corruption of the defacement have been cleaned. Commodities are entered with the comm type followed by the amount: wood 10 stone 10 iron 5 for example.

This command is used to clear the influence from a defaced monument. Each room will cost the city 5,000 gold, 2 comms of your choice. This command can only be done by the Minister of Development or one of their aides. Commodities are entered with the comm type followed by the amount: wood 1 stone 1 for example.

Drag and push times are based on the starting location of the objective. Moving an objective from its starting room to the gates will take a base time of 10 minutes. An objective that started 20 rooms from the gates will take 30 seconds per room. If the objective starts 10 room away, it will take 60 seconds per room.

This actual time to complete an objective varies based on the number of objectives you currently have in your possession. If you have lost all of your objectives, you can raid other cities and get them back fairly quickly in comparison. If your city has collected several objectives, it will take longer to complete new ones.

Objectives that can be moved will automatically return to their reset rooms at the end of a raid.

Objective Types
This is an influential mob in the city. If this mob is kidnapped, the citizens and guards will fear for his or her safety and will not attack citizens of the kidnapping city unless they are attacked first or a raid has begun. DRAG <mob> <dir> or BECKON <mob> <dir> is the command to use, based on if they are a loyal NPC or not. This is a channeled activity (see above).

This statue of your cities founder or other important person. PUSH STATUE <dir>. This is a channeled activity (see above). 
The statue is the key to opening the sewers. If it has been removed the sewers are sealed and cannot be entered.

The standard is a morale building item in the city for your guards and citizens. Standards will reduce the hiring cost and upkeep of your guards by 10% as they are inspired to work for the glory of your great city-state. If you take this objective from another city, it will reduce your city guards costs by 10%. PUSH STANDARD <dir>. This is a channeled activity (see above).

The monument is different then other objectives and cannot be removed from the city. Raiders can opt to DEFACE <monument>. This process is a channeled command can be done faster when compared the other objectives, only taking about half the time. A monument that is defaced, will be marked by the offending city, and the corruption of the defacement will slowly spread into other rooms over time. 

Raiding Notes
Anyone raiding is automatically enemied by the organisation being raided.

Raiders can only capture one objective per raid.

Once an objective is captured the time remaining will be set to 5 minutes, unless it is already less then that.

Retribution and bounties are not permitted against a citizen defending their home from a raid unless they take the fight outside of the scope of the raid.

Anyone not a citizen of the city/council being raided is fair game for retribution by the raiding/defending organizations if they killed someone or hindered/helped an objective. This applies whether they are defending or attacking.

Standing around in a city/council during a raid does not automatically mean the player is participating, but at the same time, if the player does something that makes it apparent that they are participating a raider/defender does not need to wait for the other to attack first. Where the line will be drawn between the two is a case-by-case basis thing based on the totality of the circumstances.

Normal PK rules, not the raiding rules, apply to people in a city/council that are not participating on either side of the raid, even during a raid. As stated above, being in a city/council during a raid does not automatically mean they are participating.

More than one organization may declare a raid on another. When an objective is captured it will be awarded to the organisation of the person capturing it. If that character does not belong to city or council that is raiding, it will go to the city that has been raiding the longest.