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In Imperian, there are many types of quests, though they may be broken down into two basic categories. The first, and the more common, are quests that are permanently in the world. These are all automated, and may range from simply finding an item and giving it to a non-player-character(NPC) to quests with many elements that may take days or weeks to complete. There are hundreds of these quests.
There are a number of ways to get clues about these quests, but by far the most common way is to talk to an NPC. To see if a particular NPC has anything to say, you may greet it with a variety of friendly emotes, such as GREET, SMILE, HI, NOD, etc. Many times, an NPC will have multiple things to say, so greeting it like this more than once may prove fruitful. Other clues to quests might be found in journals or books or other writings that you can READ. And, sometimes you may have to read a room description to get a clue.

If part of a quest involves giving an item to an NPC, you have but to give the item to it, and the NPC will then respond in an manner it deems appropriate. Occasionally, of course, this may not be quite the manner you hoped for, but this might simply be the result of the NPC being a bit grouchy today.

For some example of these types of quests read, HELP BUTTERFLIES, HELP RATS, HELP MINING and HELP FISHING.

The second type of quest is one that is organized by a God. These 'quests' could be anything from a quiz with prizes to a Tournament of one-on-one combat to a game of Capture the Flag.

If you greet a mob and they have dialogue pop up when they are done talking, there are several ways you can respond:

The following are a list of commands to see different information about your quests:


This lists all the current quests you are on.

   QUESTS <quest name>

This allows you to see more information pertaining to the quests you are on. The optional "stats" parameter at the end of the quest name will allow you to see how many times you've completed the quest yourself, and how many times the quest has been completed by everyone in the world.


Shows you all the quests you have completed.


This list all the quests you have had, be it completed, abandoned, incomplete, and in progress.

   QUESTS RANKINGS <quest name>

This only works on the quests you have. It allows you to see where you rank in quest completion.

ABANDON <quest name>

This allows you to abandon a quest you currently are on.

To help make quests a little easier, here are a few notes:


You will notice that the dialogue has a word highlighted a different colour than the rest. This allows you to change the colour of that highlight.

There are four ways to respond to the mob;
 - Type the number of the response.
 - Say or emote the "key" word.
 - Repeat the entire sentence prompted to you.
 - Click on the response (CONFIG MXP ON).