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10.3 City leaders

City and Council leaders, known variously as Shah/Farah (Antioch), Emeris (Celidon), Wildgraf (Ithaqua), Prophet/Prophetess (Khandava), or Duke/Duchess (Kinsarmar) are both the figurehead and most powerful person in a city in political terms. 

By default, the city or council ruler is chosen by a majority vote of the ruling council (HELP RULINGCOUNCILS), and is by necessity a member of it.  The person in this position is also immune to political challenges from the populace. He or she may only be removed after his or her fellow ruling council members have made someone else the leader.  You can view the way the politics are structured in your city or council with POLITICS [city/council].

Among other responsibilities which vary from place to place, the leader is responsible for choosing the Ministers of each ministry.

A leader has all the commands of a normal member of the ruling council, with some additions:

APPOINT <citizen> <ministry>
   Appoint someone as head of a ministry. Valid ministries: Ambassador, War, Security, Treasurer, Steward, Trade, Chancellor, Culture, Development.  Not all of these ministries may exist in your city depending on its political structure (see POLITICS LIST FOR <city>)

APPOINT <citizen> GOVERNOR <towne>
   Appoint someone as the governor as a towne.  Note that this will make them a citizen of that towne by default.

FUNDS COFFERS                 
   See the amount of gold in the city offers.

CITY CLANLEADER <clan> <person>
   This command allows the leader to change the leader of any clan which belongs to the city.

   This command allows the leader to see all of the clans which belong to the city.

   Lists positions you can resign from.

RESIGN FROM <position>
   You will quit this position in the city or towne.