Game Help

Imperian has hundreds of help files to help you learn more about the game and how to play.

6 Specifics of Imperian

6.1  Invisibility     Read about invisibility and dealing with it.
6.2  Flying           Soar above the land.
6.3  Trees            Climb into the treetops.

6.4  Groups           How to form groups with other players.
  6.4.1 Following      Further explanation why you cannot follow mobiles.

6.5  Allies           How to declare someone a personal ally.
6.6  Enemies          How to brand someone a personal enemy.

6.7  Elections        Information about elections and referendums.
  6.7.1 Contests       Participating in elections

6.8  Shops            The commands to deal with shops.
  6.8.1 Directories    Find all you need from your local shops!

6.9  Reading          Information on books, scrolls, and journals.
6.10  Writing          Writing on various things.

6.11  Shopkeeping     Owning a shop and the commands to go with it.
  6.11.1  Petshops     Learn more about selling pets in player shops.
  6.11.2  Shelves      Learn more about the shelves in a shop.
  6.11.3  Shop Cache   Integral in stocking comms for crafter shelves.
  6.11.4  Shop Bars    How to sell booze in your shop.
  6.11.5  Commands     How to run your shop.

6.12  Drinking         Hoist your flagon and throw back a draught.
6.13  Mentors          Mentoring younger players.
6.14  Grace            Gaining and rejecting the grace of the Gods.
6.15  Banking          Depositing and withdrawing gold from banks.
6.16  Guides           Characters who exist to help newbies.

6.17  Auction Houses   Purchase or sell something in an Auction House.
  6.17.1  Monthly Auctions   Special monthly auctions.

6.18  Journals         Journals in which to record your adventures.
6.19  Weather          Imperian's weather system.

6.20  Levels           Levels of experience.
  6.20.1 Level list     A list of the experience levels.
  6.20.2 XP Mods        A list of things that may affect experience gain.

6.21  Permissions      Read about Imperian's system of Permissions.

6.22  Commshops        NPC-run shops selling the raw materials of the land.
   6.22.1 Materials     A breakdown on how how frequently each commodity
                        will be refined from base materials.

6.23  Logs             Organizational logs.
6.24  Orghelp          Player-written help files for cities and guilds.
6.25  Libraries        Use these buildings to read, store and study.
6.26  OrgRequests      Request Divine aid for your organisation.
6.27  Docents          Characters who exist to foster roleplay in Imperian.
6.28  Jousting         Competing in the joust against other players.
6.29  Seki             Seki's statue, a tribute to a fallen Administrator.