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6.8.1 Directories

Every city and council has been given a Shop Directory somewhere in their Market District.

While standing next to the directory, you may use DIRECTORY <item> to get a list of all shops in that city that sell that item, and get directions from the directory to that shop.

The number in parentheses after the name of the room the directories are in is the room number used by Imperian's internal mapper. You can use that to navigate to the directories if you are  lost.

Directories can be found at:
  Antioch:       Antioch Shuk. (13224)
  Celidon:       South of Ruby Square. (13529)
  Ithaqua:       Around the loop of Unseelie Lane. (15616)
  Khandava:      A joining of several paths on Blackthorn Boulevard (13368)
  Kinsarmar:     Merchant's Circle and the Parade of Rathad. (13384)
  Caanae:        Aryana's Spring. (8463)