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Consuming alcohol in Imperian can be, much like in real life, either a
pleasurable or a rather detrimental experience. Many Imperians enjoy
celebrating a particularly stunning victory with a flute of champagne, or
perhaps just knocking back a few flagons of ale with the lads. A few brave
souls even take pleasure in doing shots of tequila or whiskey, though what
enjoyment can be found in that is beyond this humble writer.

It must be pointed out that the effects of drinking alcohol range from simple
slurred speech to serious alcohol poisoning and death. When you type STAT, the
second line will show you your level of sobriety.

The amount that a given quantity of alcohol will affect you is determined by
your tolerance. Tolerance is based on two things: your player level and how
much you drink on a regular basis. Among non-drinkers, the player with the
higher level will have the higher tolerance, but a low-level player could
easily out-drink a high-level player if the low-level player is a regular

To increase your tolerance, you need to get fairly drunk (however, drinking to
the point of vomiting is not necessary) on a regular basis. Every real-time
day, your tolerance goes down by a certain amount, but each day that you get
fairly drunk, your tolerance will go up by more than that.