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6.22.1 Raw Materials

To create commodities, raw materials are required. There are two sources of materials - you can produce (or steal) them in townes, or you can plunder them from Horde caravans.

HELP TOWNE PRODUCTION explains how townes produce materials.

Horde caravans regularly pass between the Horde trading outposts, of which several have been established already. Cities and councils have sent out watchers that scouts for the presence of these caravans and warn citizens should any be spotted. This has a fairly low chance of working - 5% each time the caravan enters a new area. Players are able to assault these caravans, slay the guards, then PLUNDER CARAVAN REPEATEDLY to gain materials and other items that the caravan has been transporting.

Once you are in possession of the raw materials, you can sell them at any city or council refinery using SELL <x> <material>. The materials are then added to the refining stockpile. This stockpile is then used in production of commodities, more information can be found in HELP COMMODITIES.

These materials are used to produce one piece of each commodity. It is important to note that each piece of material can only contribute towards -one- commodity, and is consumed in the process. For example, if you have a piece of ore, you can use it to produce an isan ingot, or a sinn ingot, but not both at once.

These commodities can be refined:

Isan: 1 ore
Sinn: 1 ore
Cuhpfehr: 1 ore, 1 coal
Gold: 1 ore
Silver: 1 ore
Iron: 1 ore
Platinum: 2 ore

Wood: 2 lumber

Coal: 1 rock, 1 lumber
Stone: 2 rock
Glass: 4 rock
Obsidian: 4 rock
Ruby: 6 rock
Diamond: 6 rock
Emerald: 6 rock
Sapphire: 6 rock
Gemstone: 6 rock

cloth: 2 crop
rope: 2 crop
grain: 2 crop
fruit: 1 crop, 1 water
vegetable: 1 crop, 1 water

leather: 2 livestock
meat: 2 livestock
dairy: 1 livestock, 1 water
bone: 2 livestock

fishmeat: 2 fish (this produces regular meat; use REFINE <x> FISHMEAT to use fish instead of livestock)
fishbone: 2 fish (likewise with bone)

ice: 1 water
fruitliqueur: 1 fruit, 1 water
herballiqueur: 1 water, 1 grain
flavouredliqueur: 1 water, 1 vegetable

Finally, you are able to convert the flawed steel into the usable stehl ingots, at a 1:50 rate (50 steel yields 1 stehl ingot). Simply REFINE 1 STEHL.