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"Ask Dec"
 - You can ask him anything, it does not mean she'll answer them all

  1.) Which organizations can submit orgrequests?
    * Guilds
    * Cities/Councils
    * Townes

  2.) Why can't sects/cults submit orgrequests.
    * Sects/cults are suppose to be player ran, but if you wish to have special things done for them, you will need to attract an Entity. If you have an Entity, please send your request to your Entity.

  3.) What do I put an orgrequest in for?
    * Building rooms in the organization
    * Building doors in the organization.
      3.1 How much does that cost?
         * 50 wood
       3.1.1 Can I add a lock to it?
         * Yes for 5,000 gold
    * Building new rooms
      3.2 How much does this cost?
       *  Rooms: stone 500, wood 500 + comms for description items
         3.2.1 What does "description items" mean?
           * If you describe things like "A canopy of red silk cloth drapes over the street." Then you'll have added cloth comms in your cost.
       * Road: stone 250 + comms for description items
     * Re-describing/re-titling rooms:
       3.3 How much does this cost?
         * stone 100, wood 100, 100k gold + comms for description items  (Descriptions)
         * 50,000 gold (Re-titling)

NOTE: These prices are subject to change with the new commodity system.

  4.) Can I get an item made for the organization?
    * Most likely, yes. This is a case by case bases, and we look at what you're asking for and determine if we will allow it.
      4.1) If we want something made, what do we need to do?
         * Appearance of item
         * Dropped description of item
         * Examined description of item
         4.1.1) If I want the item to do something special, what do I need to do?
           * Ask if what you want is OK!
           * If above is a 'yes' then you will need details of what you want. 
              Example #1: I want this book to change author upon touch. If you want a special message to pop up when that person touches it, thus changing the author, then you will need to write it.
              Example #2: I want this GM door to open to only the GM - Then have a message of what happens when you open it, when someone tries to open it and can't, and what it looks like when you enter the room. Remember, doors have 2 sides, so you will need message for the room you're in, and the room you're going into.

  1.) Why can't my hound be pure demonic energy?
     * As stated in HELP CUSTOMIZATION your hound was raised in a kennel, not the pit.
  2.) Why can't my hound make you scared to look at it?
    * Not everyone is going to find your hound scary. Forcing that person to find your hound scary is something we never allow.
  3.) Why can't my bird be made of ice?
    * Because birds are not made of ice, thus your bird cannot be made of ice.
NOTE: Just remember: Pets cannot hold special powers, cannot be infused with demonic power. They cannot be coated in a layer of ice, since the ice will melt.

  4.) You allow artifacts to have 'blood and gore,' why can't my hound?
    * We give a little more leeway with artifacts as you have purchased them with credits, and are customizing them with credits. They have a different set of rules than regular items.

  5.) Running a 'city gemhunt'
    - This has been asked a few times, and people decided not to do it after finding out the answer, so you'll probably not like what I have to say.
    * To run the event it will cost 200,000 gold
    * You need to come up with the prizes for top 5 (to be on the safe side).
    * This cannot be "Just for the city," so when you host this game, you're hosting it for the entire world.

  6.) Deleting city rooms:
    * We are quite against deleting city rooms. If, for some reason, we do allow you to delete the rooms, you will not get any gold/commodities for those rooms.
    * We do not allow you to build 'game built' rooms. This means, those rooms that are not part of a 'player made' expansion.
    * If there are mobs in that room, or items on the ground, we do allow for transplant of those items. We even allow re-purposing, to an extent. 

  7.) Is there a reason we have a cap on how many emotes an organization can have?
    * We limit the emotes for organizations for our own reasons. Otherwise everyone organization would have 100 emotes, and that just won't do.

  8.) Are we able to swap emotes out for other ones if we already hit the limit?
    * Yes.

  9.) How many org-related emotes can we have?
    * Five
    - How much do they cost?
      * 5,000 gp

  10.) Can we add more ambient to our city/council?
    * Currently we do not have a policy on adding ambient messages to your org, if we do start allowing it, I will let you guys know. But there will be a price and a limit to how many you can have (That will be determined if/when we allow it.)

  11.) I would like some RP, or request something for my org, do I do an orgrequest or do I ask an Entity?
    * You can do either. If you're use to working with a specific Entity, you are more than welcome to ask them. Some Entities cannot do certain things you're asking for, but they may be able to get assistance from one that can. If you wish for anyone to take the org related rp/building/etc, then submit an orgrequest and any Entity that is free will be able to assist you.

  12.) Who do I go to for certain requests/problems?
    * Take a look at HELP CONTACTS. If you are unsure you can always message Dec.