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11.2 Cults

Players are able to form cults, focused on a certain concept, ideal, or faith. A cult is an organization in which players who wish to explore the cult belief in more details can congregate.

Additionally, a cult may end up attracting an entity and begin shaping it towards its beliefs.

A cult shares many features with other organizations, although its overall structure is much simpler than that of cities or guilds. Each cult has a leader, and a group of followers. Cults do not have any ranking system - all the followers are equal to each other, except for the leader.

Each cult is tied to a circle, and only members of that circle are able to join.

Cults may create projects (HELP PROJECTS), write help scrolls (CULTHELP <name>, CULTHELP EDIT <name>, CULTHELP DELETE <name>), and an organizational log is also available. Project creation and help file editing can only be performed by the cult leader.

Cult members are able to contest the leader of the cult, using the CONTEST <name> AS LEADER OF <cult name> command, or run in an existing election (HELP CONTEST for more information).

Each cult also has an altar. The altar is a place where the cult members may congregate, and it is also a place where cult rituals are performed.

The following commands are available:

CULTT <message>, CULTTELL <message> - communicate with other members of the cult.

CULTTELLS - view the communication history

READLOG <cult> [entry] [month] - view the cult logs

READLOG <cult> <search string> - search the cult logs

WRITELOG <cult> <note> - add a note to the cult logs. Only the leader can do this.

CULT LIST [circle] - list cults within your circle, or the specified one

CULT MEMBERS [DORMANT] - list active or dormant members of your cult

CULT INVITE <player> - invite another player to join your cult. Any member of a cult may invite others. Only those within your circle may be invited.

CULT DISCHARGE <player> - remove a player from your cult. Only the leader may do this.

QUIT <cult name> - quit your cult.

CULT ALTAR - displays the location of your cult altar.

CULT LIST - displays the list of cults of your circle.

CULT LIST <circle> - displays the list of cults of that circle.

CULT INFO <cult> - gives the information on the Cult.

CULT FAVOUR <player> - (leader only) gives your cult's favour to the player.

CULT HIGHFAVOUR <player> - (leader only) gives your cult's highfavour to the player.