Game Help

Imperian has hundreds of help files to help you learn more about the game and how to play.

1 Introduction

1.1    Concept          The concept behind Imperian.
1.2    Imperian         What makes Imperian special in this genre.
1.3    Environment      Imperian's structure for those unfamiliar with it.
1.4    Conduct          Appropriate conduct for Imperians.
1.5    Etiquette        Etiquette for dealing with young players.
1.6    Ansi             How to see glorious technicolour within Imperian.
1.7    Dictionary       A dictionary of Imperian-related terms.

1.8    Service          How to obtain customer service.
  1.8.1  UsingIssues     Additional guidelines concerning Issues.

1.9   ToS              Terms of service which govern your use of Imperian.

1.10   Basics           Basic information about MUDs and Imperian.
  1.10.1 Whatnow       Getting started in Imperian.

1.11   Common Sense     Guidelines for behavior as driven by common sense.