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9.4.9 The Engineer Profession

The engineer profession revolves around the use of the flintlock and blunderbuss to damage and afflict foes until they cannot recover. They can select between a large variety of focus shots, trick shots, shot weights, chemical enhancements, and range as they attempt to defeat others.

Armour: Chainmail

Statpack: Dexterous

Main Stat: Dexterity. This class revolves around aiming and shooting at your target to increase damage. Characters with higher dexterity will typically perform better.

Balance Type: Balance is used in all shooting attacks.

Ballistics is the main offensive skill of the Engineer. It encompasses shooting with the flintlock and blunderbuss and makes use of the deadly belcher. The master of ballistics will be able to perform a wide variety of specialized shots and will have an increased ability to strike their chosen targets. 

PvP has a large assortment of possible shooting combinations. For PvE, Pistolwhip is the main attack which will become Bayonet for more skilled players. Characters can use shooting in PvE, and will do more damage this way, but it comes with a commodity cost when using gunshot.

Focus is the secondary skillset of the Engineer. It allows the practitioner the ability to focus on a single target and strike with a variety of focus and trick shots. There are several types of gun shot which can be used, adding to the variety of effects. In addition, they will be able to make use of deadly chemicals created in the inventing skillset.

Inventing is a special skillset that allows the engineer to create a wide variety of items to assist them in and out of combat. While there are dozens of items that can be made, chemicals are arguably the most important for the engineer to master. Chemicals can be combined with Ballistics and Focus to help wear your opponents down as you.

Artifacts made for this profession:

- Flintlock:
   a silver flintlock           +10% damage   350  credits
   a mithril flintlock          +15% damage   800  credits
   a Reavers flintlock          +20% damage   1600 credits

- Blunderbuss:
   a quicksilver blunderbuss    +10% damage   350  credits
   a mithril blunderbuss        +15% damage   800  credits
   a Doomhammer blunderbuss     +20% damage   1600 credits