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9.4.18 The Runeguard Profession

Armour: Fieldplate. Transcendent: Fullplate, the strongest armour in the game.

Main stat: Strength and Constitution.

Preferred statpacks: Athletic, strong, dexterous

Balance type: Balance. Equilibrium considered occasionally in PvP.

This is the primary skillset of any Aetherian knight, allowing for differing bladework styles. It includes the core ability to hit twice with most bladed weapons, allowing a Runeguard to deal damage and deliver toxins simultaneously. It also includes limited ranged abilities in the form of bows, and other utilitarian skills like impaling your foes and defending your allies.

This skillset grants the Runeguard access to the loyal kestrel and other utility skills. It also grants the use of weapon enhancements specific to the Runeguard class, including but not limited to the ability to deal more damage while injured and inflicting the enemy with a punishing addiction to the wrong elixirs. These enhancements will serve to augment your core attacks provided by Weaponmastery.

Runelore is the defining feature of the Runeguard. It comes with a powerful bag of magickal tricks, employed in three distinct ways: runes on the ground, on a totem, or on a tablet. The effects include being able to disable an enemy upon entering the room, denying them multiple methods of healing and enhancing your damage dealt to an enemy. The primary use of this skillset will be in the form of equilibrium-consuming runic flares (attacks) from a tablet, and these can be combined with Weaponmastery attacks for the most part.

Runeguard Combat:
Runeguard combat is both simple and complex. In its simplest form, pure damage is best achieved by one of two methods - using weaponmastery's reave attacks combined with the right Chivalry enhancements and Runelore runic flares, or the use of claymores for pure damage output. The complexity lies within group combat - two or more Runeguards must not waste their individual runic flares by flaring a rune that is on a shared cooldown. This said, a Runeguard team that works well together is a thing to be feared across Aetherius. The Runeguard is also capable of dealing out afflictions faster than the other two Knight classes (Templar, Anti-magick; Deathknight, Demonic) for the most part, allowing the Runeguard to bury their opponent underneath a flurry of troublesome afflictions before disemboweling them to death.

Artifacts made for this profession:
- A Stone Totem: 350 credits
  - Totems with eight slots.

- An Ornately Wrought Tablet: 250 Credits
  - Automatically contains all flareable runes, never needs to be reinked.