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9.4.6 The Defiler Profession

Armour Type: Chainmail

Main Stat: Strength

Main Statpacks: Athletic, Strong

Balance Type: Balance

Torment: Primary skillset. Revolves around hitting a target with a flail, preferably with as little momentum loss as possible. Implants roots through thornsprout which then absorb entropy generated by causing the target to heal afflictions given via corrosion. After a short time roots either explode for large damage and become a demonic seed, simply become a demonic seed or just wither away, all depending on how much entropy they absorbed. These seeds can be made use of via one's treant (desecration).

Desecration: Secondary skillset. Allows the creation of a treant, a Defiler's loveable pet. The types of seeds used to grow the treant determine the skills it can use, with a transcendent Defiler having access to a treant with every skill. Said skills are mostly combat based and generally serve to augment the physical attacking of the class. This skillset also contains several skills that make use of the Defiler's own blood which must be leached into empty vials beforehand.

Shadowbinding: Utility skillset. To use these skills, a defiler must have the required haze, which they obtain by wearing shadowgems about their person. Said gems are generated by shadowveils which the Defiler constructs. Contains abilities that are both offensive such as various saps as well as defensive such as passive healing and regeneration.

Artifacts made for this profession:

- Flail:
   a Darkwood flail              110    166      166    350  credits
   a Shadowthorn flail           115    174      174    800  credits
   a flail of Ravening Hunger    120    181      181    1600 credits

- An Aphotic Sieve: 300 Credits
  - Reduces haze cost by 1/2

- Seed Pouch: 50 Credits
  - Used to store defiler seeds