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9.4.2 The Assassin Profession

Armour: Scalemail with leather limb armour.

Main stat: As an affliction class, they aren't stat-dependant. You will want a balance bonus. High constitution is always good, and you require decent intelligence for the use of your skills.
Suggested Statpack: Athletic
Balance type: Balance/Equilibrium combos

Sabotage: Primary skillset for both PvE and PvP. You can either choose to PvE with garrote or with puncture. Your primary PvP ability will be doublestab, which lets you to deal two toxins in quick succession, and you can eventually use garrote to finish off your target. It also contains defensive and infiltration techniques, including the supreme ability of Phase, which lets you walk to practically anywhere in the continent safely, slighty out of phase with reality.

Spatium: Secondary PvP skillset. Attaching your personal wormhole to different planes, it gives you abilities that can be used offbalance in a combo with doublestab or puncture, like false herbs that hinder the target's healing or additional afflictions. It also lets you create and use stable wormholes that will let you cross the continent in seconds. The transcendant ability lets you call forth a demonic lamia, which will give you additional offensive abilities.

Hypnosis: Third PvP skillset. It lets you implant a batch of mental afflictions on a target, which when triggered will fire one by one in regular fashion, allowing you to overwhelm your target.

Combat Focus: Between DoubleStab and Spatium abilities, overwhelm your target with afflictions. For high tier combat, the use of hypnosis may be required. Your final objective will be to neutralize them long enough to finish either with Devour, Annihilate or Asphyx Damage through Garrote and Choke.

Artifacts made for this profession:
- Dirks:
(These will increase the speed of dstab, which is not dependent on weapon stats.)
   An assassins dirk:   300 credits (8% faster)
   Demon's tooth:       700 credits (15% faster)
   Shadowblade:         1500 credits (23% faster)

- Whips:
   Bladed whip:                  77     187      165    300  credits
   Diamond-tipped whip:         81     196      173    700  credits
   Whip of Nemesis' fury:        84     204      180    1400 credits

- A Vorpal Knife:  400 Credits
  - Cut the time it take to splice and cancel wormholes. You must have
    the skills in order to use this.
  - The knife must be wielded to benefit from its effect.