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23.6 Leylines

Leylines are streams of Diachaim flowing across the land, influenced by the energy around it. Over time, they take on an affinity to these energies. In many places these lines cross, creating an intersection. In most cases, these forces balance each other out and nothing happens in these intersections. In other cases, the power flows stronger toward a particular force.

Leyline intersections create pools of power. These pools can and enhance or disrupt magick, creating some of the surges people may encounter. These are the forces that sometimes cause players to have a surge of explosive magick or a loss of power. Leyline intersections can be influenced with the power of the shards.

There are two abilities characters can use to deal with leylines:
   o Perception - Leylines (AB PERCEPTION LEYLINES)
   o Survival - Influence (AB SURVIVAL INFLUENCE)
You may have the appropriate skill rank to use these skills, but you must find the Priest of Moradeim in the Lost Forest (v30885) and convince him to teach you, in order to learn how to use them properly. These two skills will help you find and change the status of a leyline intersection.

To see how many leylines your circle controls, you may use LEYLINE REPORT.

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