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20.2 Crafting in Imperian

The tradeskill system in Imperian encompasses such skills as Tailoring, Jewelry, Masonry, Woodcrafting, Metalworking, Cooking, and Libations. For ease of getting such player-crafted items back to the player, Imperian makes use of a Crafter's Union, which is a body of hard-working crafters with some experience designing and producing items.

If you would like to begin crafting, you must have a permit for that tradeskill. To obtain one, simply go to your council or city's guild office and BUY <tradeskill> PERMIT. The craft guild assesses a fee of 100 credits for the permit, which does not expire. In the interests of encouraging a greater diversity among the crafting society, your first permit's cost will be waived. The higher you learn in a tradeskill, the better quality your work will be.

Design clothing of all sorts, as well as items primarily made with leather or cloth, such as badges, dolls, saddles, bags, eyepatches, and vialbelts. See: HELP TAILORING

Design a wide range of jewelry from rings to necklaces, torcs to cufflinks. See: HELP JEWELRY

Work with metal to create furniture, household items, and other things like coins, trophies, and dishes. Metalworking can also be used alongside Smithing to customize already-smithed items and add extra pizazz. See: HELP METALWORKING

Design items from wood, like furniture and everyday objects. See: HELP WOODCRAFTING

Design items from stone. Be a fancy pants and make your own throne! See: HELP MASONRY

Have a taste for food? Want to make a nine-course dinner to amaze your friends? Or maybe you want to trick some people into eating what the buzzard brought in. See: HELP COOKING

Brew or mix your own drinks, make your own juice, and ferment your own ales among much more! See: HELP LIBATIONS

Create your own explosives and show them to the world. See: HELP FIREWORKS.

Fashion paper, letters, journals, scrolls, tomes, and books. See: HELP PAPERCRAFTING

Create a variety of candles, oils, perfumes, makeup, and soaps to be used by yourself and others. See: HELP APOTHECARY