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3.4 Rings

Rings exist as groups of like-minded individuals, providing them with a channel to communicate with. Rings can be used to organise raids, hunting trips, private wedding parties, or whatever your imagination requires.


RING INVITE <person>
- Invite a person into your ring. If you are not in a ring, a new one will be created when the person accepts. Rings can be as small as two people, or as large as two hundred.

RING ACCEPT <person>
- Accept a person's invitation into a ring.

- Displays a list of people in your ring that are currently online.

- Displays a list of all of the people in your ring.

RINGTELL|RT <message>
- Send a message to all of the people in your ring that are online.

- Turn your ring-tell channel off.

- Turn your ring-tell channel on.

- Leave your current ring.

- See a history of previous ring tells.

If you are in a ring, and you or one of the other members of the ring kill a mobile, all members of the ring in the room will receive a share of the experience for the mobile kill.