Game Help

Imperian has hundreds of help files to help you learn more about the game and how to play.

2.4 Objects and interaction with them

You will frequently need to interact with items and with mobiles
(computer controlled characters). The following commands will aid you in
gaining information about them and manipulating them.

INFO HERE (IH for short): This command will show you a list of what items
are in the room, along with their numbers. Whenever you interact with an
item or a mobile, you can either refer to it by name, such as 'orc', or
by number, such as '173', or by a combination of both, such as 'orc173'.
If you'd like to see only the items that match a given search term, try
INFO HERE <something> (or just IH <something>).

LOOK/EXAMINE <whatever>: This will show you a description of whatever you

GET <number of> <thing>: This will pick things up from off the ground. You
   cannot pick up most live mobiles. In order to get an item that is in another
   item, such as a backpack, you would type GET <number of> <whatever> FROM
   <whatever>. If you wish to merely get one of something, then you may omit
   the <number of> field.

DROP <number of> <whatever>: This will allow you to drop anything you are
   holding onto the ground. If you wish to only drop one of something, you
   may omit the <number of> field.

PROBE <whatever>: This command will show you a variety of information about an
   item or mobile, along with its description and whatever it is holding, if

GIVE <number of> <whatever> TO <whomever>: This will allow you to give an item or items to
   someone else. If you wish to only give one item, simply omit the <number of>

PUT <number of> <whatever> IN <whatever>: This allows you to put items
   inside another item that is capable of holding items, such as a backpack. If
   you only wish to put one item, you may omit the <number of> field.

THROW <whatever>: This is a little more complicated, and has its own help file.