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7.11 Clothing

Clothing has importance to all those of Imperian who do not wish to wander about naked, or who simply wish to look good. While cheap clothing is readily available in any major city, considerably finer and more expensive clothing is also available, should you wish to give your fashion sense a spot of exercise.

In every city, and most villages, you will find purveyors of clothing that suit that city or village. For instance, Antioch's merchants tend to sell lighter, looser clothing: the better to stay cool in their hot environment. On the other hand, those from Ithaqua, for instance, will tend to sell heavier clothing, often made of wool, in order that their citizens may stay warmer in their relatively colder climate. Villages tend to sell a small selection of merchandise oriented around a particular theme. For instance, the desert village of el'Jazira deals primarily in a few high-quality leather goods. You are encouraged to explore the land and seek out clothes that may only be purchased in remote villages.

On an out of character note, the reason that nice clothing is so expensive, and still wears out frequently, is that players tend to wear the same clothes day in, and day out, which wears clothes out quite quickly. Instead of making you maintain a full wardrobe, we simulate the on-going cost associate with dressing nicely by simply making you buy another set of nice clothes every now and then.

WEAR <clothing>
Wear a specific item of clothing.

REMOVE <clothing>
Remove a specific items of clothing.

This will remove all clothing you are currently wearing, with the exception of pocketbelts, packs, satchels, and pouches.

This will remove all clothing, including packs, pocketbelts, satchels, and pouches.

Be aware that clothing is divided up by where on your body it is worn, and you generally will only be able to wear a certain number of each type of clothing. For instance, you can only wear one shirt (but you could layer a bra and undershirt underneath, and a vest and robe and overcoat over that).

You will find that if you are wearing a bra or something similar, wearing a shirt will cover up the bra to the eyes of those around you. Similarly, if you are wearing panties, or boxer shorts, or something similar, wearing pants will cover this up.

You can view information about the clothing slots in Imperian using the CLOTHES command:

View the list of clothing slots that exist.

CLOTHES <slot name>
View more information about a given slot.

You can also create outfits that will allow you to change quickly from one set of clothes to another. See HELP OUTFITS for more information about this.