Game Help

Imperian has hundreds of help files to help you learn more about the game and how to play.

2 Basic Commands

   2.1   Movement         How to move around in Imperian.
    2.1.1  Endurance      What is endurance and how can you run out.
    2.1.2  PathFinding    Find the shortest path to a location.
    2.1.3  Coaches        Limited automated travel throughout Imperian.
    2.1.4  Portals        Portals available only to new players.
    2.1.5  Destinations   A list of places where the Portal exits lead.
   2.2   Obstacles        Obstacles that may impede your movement.
   2.3   Inventory        Looking at things you are holding.
    2.3.1  Categories     Categorise your inventory.
   2.4   Objects          Dealing with objects generally.
   2.5   Looking          Looking at your surroundings.
   2.6   BaseCommands     A list of some basic commands.
   2.7   Aliases          About Imperian's internal alias system.
    2.7.1 Autotracking    Information about Imperian's variable tracking.
   2.8   Wholist          Information on how to see who is online.
    2.8.1 WhoColour       Setting the colours you see on who.
   2.9   Marks            Mark players for quick identification.
   2.10  Landmarks        Totally lost? Read this.
   2.11  Look             Looking at things in other's inventories.
   2.12  Config           Configurable options within Imperian.
   2.13  Maps             Imperian's built-in map system.
   2.14  Quit             Logging out of Imperian.
   2.15  Tasks            Basic tasks to familiarize yourself with Imperian.
   2.16  Consider         Estimate the strength of a mobile.
   2.17  Queueing         Queue commands for quick execution.
   2.18  NewbieCommands   A list of commands useful for new players.