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11 Religion in Imperian

11.1  Entities         Some information about the former entities of Imperian.

11.2  Cults            Basic information about Cults.
  11.2.1  Charters      How to start your own Cult.
  11.2.2  Rituals       Different Rituals your Cult can use.
  11.2.3  Altars        About sect and cult altars.

11.3  Sects            Basic information about Sects.
  11.3.1  Rituals       Different Rituals your Sect can invest in.  Aryana     Aryana rituals.  Favours    Favours rituals.  Mobility   Mobility rituals.  Moradeim   Moradeim rituals.  Offensive  Offensive rituals.  Pillar     Pillar rituals.  Protective Protective rituals.  Sukhder    Sukhder rituals. 
  11.3.2  Temples       How to build a temple for your Sect.
  11.3.3  Privileges    What kind of powers are associated with Sects.
  11.3.4  Structure     How to set up your Sect.

11.4  Dead Deities     Information on the Dead Gods and Entities of Imperian.
  11.4.1  Dead Gods
  11.4.2  Dead Entities

11.5  Essence          The Essence of the Entities.

11.6  Shrines          Use Shrines to spread your Cult or Sect.
  11.6.1 Relics         Relics are placed in Shrines for special powers.

11.7  Favours          Favours and disfavours Entities can grant to players.