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23 Conflict Systems of Imperian

23.1 The Lunar Aspects
  23.1.1 Life Powers         The powers gained by the Aspects of Life.
  23.1.2 Change Powers       The powers gained by the Aspects of Change.
  23.1.3 Terror Powers       The powers gained by the Aspects of Terror.
  23.1.4 Aspect Perks        Bonuses that can be purchased with XP and gold.
  23.1.5 Artifact Perks      Upgrade some artifacts with XP and gold. 
  23.1.6 Spirit Costs        Various costs of Aspect Spirit.
23.2 The Obelisk System     
  23.2.1 Obelisks            Powerful Obelisks that grant various powers.
  23.2.2 Outposts            Outposts protect obelisks from attacks.
  23.2.3 Obelisk Capturing   Description of the obelisk capturing process.
  23.2.4 Obelisk Powers      A list of powers granted by each obelisk.
  23.2.5 Chargebomb Powers   Infuse chargebombs with the power of an Obelisk.

23.3 Organizational Bounties Get revenge on whoever wronged your oganization!
23.4 Shards                  Diachaim-filled shards grant various powers.
23.5 Raiding                 Raid other cities and councils for objectives.
23.6 Leylines                Intersections of Diachaim.
23.7 Combat Auras            When to kill, and when not to.