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23.1.6 Spirit Costs

Aspects depend on their spirit to power and maintain the skills that are unique to them. Spirit can be obtained either from experience or lessons. 

See HELP ASPECTS for more information on Aspects and some of the ways they use spirit.

The following spirit costs exist. This is hardly an exhaustive list, but has many of the common amounts.

Activity                       Spirit Cost
Starting to Travel to the Moonforge   1000
Finishing Travel to the Moonforge     9000
Creating a Keystone                1000000
Touching/Invoking a Keystone         30000
Activating a Level 1 Power          100000
Activating a Level 2 Power          200000
Activating a Level 3 Power          300000
Activating a Level 4 Power          400000
Activating a Level 5 Power          500000
Using the Regeneration power           N/A (passive)
Using the Liferoom power              1000
Using the Clearsight power             N/A (passive)
Using the Vision power                   0
Using the Resurrect power             1000
Using the Mimicry power               1000
Using the Changeroom power            1000
Using the Changerace power            1000
Using the Modulation power             N/A (passive)
Using the Warp power                 1000
Using the Immune power               1000
Using the Terrorroom power           1000
Using the Terrify power              1000
Using the Inhume power               1000
Using the Absorb power               1000
Create a stronghold             100000000
Add a room to a stronghold       10000000
Inspect a stronghold                 1000
Attempting to penetrate stronghold  50000

In addition to the on-demand costs listed above, spirit is also required for upkeep:
Upkeep of enabled powers (per minute)
Power                          Upkeep Cost
Regeneration                           500
Liferoom                                50
Clearsight                             500
Vision                                 500
Resurrect                               50
Mimicry                                 50
Changeroom                              50
Changerace                              50
Modulation                             500
Warp                                    50
Immune                                 500
Terrorroom                              50
Terrify                                 50
Inhume                                  50
Absorb                                  50

Having a stronghold also incurs an upkeep of 500 spirit per minute, plus 50 spirit per minute for each room after the first. This upkeep must be paid every hour.