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10.4.2 The Ministry of War

The War ministry oversees the obelisks and outposts held by the city or council and plays a primary role in capturing them. The ministry also plays a crucial role in the ongoing efforts to research the properties of shards and to discover new abilities that can be used with them. All commands below are usable only by individuals who have the War power in their city.

- MILLOG <city/council> or MILLOG <city/council> <start> <day>: This command allows you to view the military log of your city, which logs all important actions related to obelisks and outposts.

- CITY OUTPOST LIST: Lists all outposts controlled by the city, which obelisk they are protecting, and when the protection interval starts. The protection start time is given in GMT, as per the TIME command.

- CITY OUTPOST ENERGY: Provides information about how much energy is being drained by controlled obelisks and outposts. The drain is given as percentage of maximum daily production of the generator. Additionally, the list also includes energy generated in the current Imperian month, total energy stored by the generator, as well as energy cost of building a new outpost and activating a chargebomb. The daily and maximum energy is explained in HELP OBELISK CAPTURING.

- CITY OUTPOST <id> NAME <name>: Allows you to assign an unique name to the outpost, which will appear in the relevant reports. This action costs 1,000 gold, taken from the War ministry budget.

- CITY OUTPOST <id> PROTECT <target id> <hour> [OFFLINE]: Lets you specify a target obelisk that is to be protected by the specified outpost. The target ID can be determined from OBELISKS. The protection time will start at the specified hour in GMT (as given by the TIME command), and the protection will last for 12 RL hours. The outpost will then be unable to protect anything for another 11 hours - so if a protection interval change occurs, it will not apply if the previous interval has ended recently. The optional OFFLINE argument causes the outpost to not protect its original target while waiting for the new protection scheme is being activated. At the cost of not having the original target protected, this ensures that the protection cooldown interval will not interfere with the new protection scheme. Changes in the protection interval have a 24 hour delay.

- CITY OUTPOST <id> PROTECT ABORT: aborts a pending change of the protection target and interval, if any.

- CITY OUTPOST <id> DISMANTLE: This command allows you to initiate dismantling of an outpost. Dismantling will take 24 RL hours.

- CITY OUTPOST <id> DISMANTLE ABORT: This command allows you to abort an ongoing dismantle process.

- BUILD OUTPOST: This command allows you to build a new outpost. You must be standing on an unoccupied power node. The cost of this action is explained in HELP OUTPOSTS.

- CITY SHARD SKILLS - displays a list of all unlockable skills currently visible to you, along with their current levels

- CITY SHARD SKILL <name> - displays more information about a skill, as well as currently visible abilities within it

- CITY SHARD UNLOCK <name> - initiates unlocking of a new level within a skill, assuming that you meet all the 
requirements. This takes 24 hours to complete.

- CITY SHARD ABORT - aborts previously initiated unlocking, if any