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2.1.2 Pathfinding

Pathfinding is the ability that allows you to see the shortest path to your desired location.   

PATH FIND <landmark|area name|room number>          
Find a path to the location. You can use this with landmarks (HELP LANDMARKS), area names, room numbers, and even players you are mutual allies with. PATH FIND <landmark> in <area> may also be used to path to a global landmark.  For example, PATH FIND TUTOR IN CAANAE will always take you to the Caanae tutor and not the one in another organization you might happen to be standing in.

PATH SHORTEST <landmark>      
By default, pathfinding ignores locations where you are enemied to, or unwelcome in. As this can sometimes not be desirable, you can use PATH SHORTEST instead of PATH FIND to bypass this restriction.

PATH GO                       
Once you have generated the path to a location, you can use PATH GO to speedwalk along this path. Speedwalking operates with the same restrictions as regular movement, and it is also affected by skills that allow you to move faster, such as Celerity or Landstriding. Speedwalking will be stopped if you hit any obstacle along the way, or are otherwise hindered.

PATH TRACK <landmark>         
FIND and GO all at once

PATH STOP                     
Stop walking on a path.

PATH SEARCH <search word>     
Search for specific rooms.    

You can flag yourself to not move when other people in your party following you are unable to move.

For a wide variety of configurations and options related to pathfinding, use CONFIG PATHFINDING.