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9.4 Profession List

What follows is a list of professions, the skills that come with them, and the cities that can give you that profession. You may type HELP <city> for info on any of the cities, and HELP <skill> for info on any of the skills.

Professions                  Cities WITH THAT PROFESSION
------------------           ---------------------------
9.4.1  Amazon                Ithaqua, Antioch
9.4.2  Assassin              Khandava
9.4.3  Bard                  Kinsarmar, Celidon
9.4.4  Berserker             All
9.4.5  Deathknight           Khandava
9.4.6  Defiler               Khandava
9.4.7  Diabolist             Khandava
9.4.8  Druid                 Kinsarmar, Celidon
9.4.9  Engineer              All
9.4.10 Hunter                All
9.4.11 Mage                  Kinsarmar, Celidon
9.4.12 Monk                  Ithaqua, Antioch
9.4.13 Outrider              Ithaqua, Antioch
9.4.14 Predator              Ithaqua, Antioch
9.4.15 Priest                Ithaqua, Antioch
9.4.16 Ranger                Ithaqua, Antioch
9.4.17 Renegade              Kinsarmar, Celidon
9.4.18 Runeguard             Kinsarmar, Celidon
9.4.19 Shaman                All
9.4.20 Summoner              Khandava
9.4.21 Templar               Ithaqua, Antioch