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The Hunters are a sect of people who found discontent with the demands  
of urban life and longed for the more wild side of life. The Hunters are
those who have found themselves best suited for a life of freedom, where
they can move like the breath of the Wind. They have found that their   
shelter and love stems from the forests and hills of Imperian. They are 
the tradesmen of Nature, trapping and hunting to support their          
They hold the life of every plant and animal sacred, paying deep respect
to those that give their lives for the sake of the Hunters' survival.   
The members of this guild have learned lands of Imperian perfectly,     
being wonderful guides for those who would happen to get lost in their  
surrounding environment, should they feel in the mood to provide such   

Upon exploring deep within the Western Celidon Forest, the Hunters      
discovered a peak rising between the trees. They fondly named this      
natural wonder Phoenix Crest, since the peak seems to alight with fire  
as the blazing sun rises and sets behind it. Within Phoenix Crest is a  
maze of caves that were converted into the perfect living quarters and  
now serves as a base for the Hunters. Over time, they have settled      
enough to watch their community flourish and grow, though that wild     
spirit will never leave their souls.                                    

The skill of Shapeshifting grants them the ability to transform into 
fearsome wyverns. Through the power of Supremacy, the Hunters can call 
upon the aid of the deadly basilisk to aid them in combat. And finally,
they are gifted with the skill of Terrestrialism to supplement the often dangerous path that they embark on in their daily lives.