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5.4.32 Profession Skill - Runelore (Runeguard)

The skill of Runelore revolves around two aspects: Runes and Totems. By sketching various runes on the ground, on yourself, on other people, or on armour, a variety of beneficial or harmful effects may be achieved. Runes on yourself or another will work automatically, as will runes on armour. Runes sketched on the ground will either work continuously, once, or when an enemy of yours enters the room. The help file for each ability will specify.

While Runes are a nice supplement to other skills, The true power of Runelore is only unleashed in the Totem. By sketching up to six runes on a Totem, and then either Implanting it, or Standing it, you are able to create a weapon of destruction that can wreak havoc with anyone the Totem is tuned to affect, when that person enters the room.

If you find that you have a rune on yourself, or on one of your items, that you do not want, you may SCRUB OFF <rune> ON ME, or SCRUB OFF <rune> ON <item>.

Those with skill in Runelore can remove runes from totems and the ground. In order to remove a rune from a totem, simply SMUDGE <totem> [SLOT 1-6] (the slot 1-6 is optional). You may also smudge runes on the ground, with SMUDGE GROUND. You may, however, only smudge runes that were sketched by someone with equal or lesser skill in Runelore.

Runelore is used by the Runeguard (HELP RUNEGUARD) profession.