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23.2.5 Chargebomb Powers

In addition to storing the energy necessary to breach the protective shields around obelisks and outposts, chargebombs are capable of holding the energy of any one obelisk. Once the bomb has been charged up, the energy can be released to unleash the obelisk's power. The specific effects differ per obelisk, and are listed below.

To activate a chargebomb, you need to travel to the location of the obelisk, whose power you wish to obtain, and CHARGE BOMB. This process takes roughly 5 minutes, displays a game-wide message, and most actions will interrupt it. Charging is twice as fast if the obelisk is currently controlled by your circle. The charging is a continuous process - if it is interrupted, the accumulated energy does not disappear right away, but gradually.

Once a bomb has been fully charged, the accumulated energy will remain for 3 hours - this is the same as with chargebombs charged at the city generators. To release the accumulated energy, you need to THROW <bomb> AT GROUND.

There are several important caveats to consider, though. The chargebomb only has the desired effect when thrown while you're located at an island on which an obelisk or outpost is currently being attacked. Furthermore, a chargebomb can only be thrown if it has been charged at an obelisk other than the one that is currently under attack - for example, of the Obelisk of Aryana is under attack, a chargebomb with the Moradeim's energy can be used, but an Aryana one can not. All types of chargebombs can be used in outpost fights. Each obelisk can power up a maximum of five bombs per 8 hours.

Obelisk-charged bombs can be charged and used by anyone - unlike the generator ones, the circle restrictions do not apply. Another important restriction is that members of the attacking circle are no longer able to charge bombs once the attack has commenced. Other players still can do that. Additionally, charged bombs will fall out of your inventory if you die.

These are the effects of the individual chargebombs:


Everyone in the room where the bomb has been thrown will be protected against all summoning abilities (brazier, empress, and so on) while standing in that room. This will work for anyone in the room, not only the circle that used the bomb. Lasts 20 minutes (10 minutes for outpost fights).

True Sight

Everyone in the room where the bomb has been thrown will be unable to be detected by the usual detection methods (Farsight and similar abilities) for 10 minutes (5 minutes for outpost fights).


Everyone in the room where the bomb has been thrown will get a 20% bonus to balance and equilibrium recovery speeds. (10% in outpost fights) for 5 minutes.


Everyone in the room where the bomb has been thrown will receive the blessing of Aryana, which will revive the player next time he or she would otherwise die. The blessing will fade after 20 minutes if it isn't triggered. (5 minutes for outpost fights)


Everyone currently present on the island, except people in the room where the bomb is activated, will be flung into a randomly chosen room on the island, different for each player. (50% chance of working per person in outpost fights)


Everyone currently present on the island (INCLUDING the person who throws the bomb) will receive a 25% vulnerability to all damage types for 5 minutes. This will not affect people who arrive to the island afterwards. (2.5 minutes duration in outpost fights)