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23.1.1 Life Aspect Powers

Aspects of the Unified Moon are able to use any powers granted by the three Moons. The following powers are associated with Aryana, the Moon of Life. See HELP ASPECTS for information on choosing and using powers.

Regeneration (1 monolith)
 - You will regenerate 2% health and mana every 10 seconds.

   Room of Life (2 monoliths)
 - Syntax: GAZE ARYANA
 - This power allows you to travel to a cheerful vestibule, a
   room that has portals to many sacred locations in Aetherius.

   Clearsight (3 monoliths)
 - This power allows you to see hidden exits, and to see in blizzards.

   Detect Life (4 monoliths)
 - Syntax: DETECT LIFE
 - This ability will allow you to detect the presence of all
   players in the room, including those who may be concealed in
   various means or on another planes, at an equilibrium cost. 

   Resurrection (5 monoliths)
 - Syntax: RESURRECT <body>
 - This power allows you to breathe life back into those who have
   fallen. You may use this ability once every 30 minutes.