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23.1.3 Terror Aspect Powers

Aspects of the Unified Moon are able to use any powers granted by the three Moons. The following powers are associated with Sukhder, the Moon of Terror. See HELP ASPECTS for information on choosing and using powers.

Terror Immunity (1 monolith)
 - You will have a 40% chance to resist fear and terror attacks.

   Room of Terror (2 monoliths)
 - This power will transport you to the center of a volcano,
   a room of portals that leads to terrifying places.

   Terrify (3 monoliths)
 - Syntax: TERRIFY <victim>
 - This power will allow you to attempt to scare another player
   or mob out of your location. It is similar to the Intimidate
   ability in Taming, and can be resisted.

   Inhume (4 monoliths)
 - Syntax: INHUME <target>
 - This power has two functions. The first will prevent the corpse
   of anyone you slay from being submerged in Aryana's spring. The
   second allows you to give an affliction to a target. That
   affliction will last for approximately 1 hour. During this duration,
   if any player kills the target, effects like starburst tattoos and
   the Redemption ability will not resurrect the target. Additionally,
   the target will not be resurrectable by any player skills other than 
   ressurection using Aryana Aspect power.
   The cooldown before you can use this ability again is 1 hour.

   Absorb (5 monoliths)
 - This power will allow you to make yourself impervious to damage for 4
   seconds. Due to the intense preparation required, you cannot use this
   power again for 3 minutes.