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23.2.2 Outposts

Outposts are structures built by circles on power nodes. Their purpose is to strengthen the shield around another structure, be it an obelisk or another outpost, making it invulnerable to attacks. One outpost is able to strengthen for 12 Imperian days (12 RL hours) every RL day, in an uninterrupted time interval. The circle that controls the outpost may choose this interval, as well as which structure will be protected by each of their outposts.

When the protection interval ends, there is a 11 Imperian Day (11 RL hours) cool down interval during which the outpost is unable to protect anything. This only has an effect when switching the protection interval, if the new protection interval starts too soon after the previous one has ended. You can refer to HELP WAR for more information regarding specifying the protected target.

Outpost-related commands are explained in HELP WAR. 

Building an outpost requires a large amount of generator energy, as well as the following commodities: 100 stone, 100 wood, 50 sinn, 50 iron. You also require 50,000 gold. The commodities must be in your inventory when attempting to build an outpost, the gold is taken from the war ministry budget, and the action can only be performed if you have the war power in your city or council. Once the building has started, it takes 24 Imperian days (1 RL day) to finish the outpost. At that point, the outpost is ready to be used.

Much like obelisks, maintaining an outpost requires 10% of daily production of an energy generator. The total maintenance cost of all controlled structures is displayed in the energy report (see HELP WAR for specifics).

Unwanted outposts under your control can be disabled. This process takes 24 Imperian days (1 RL day) and can be interrupted by any circle member with the war power. Once disabled, the outpost may no longer be controlled by any circle.


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