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23.2.4 Obelisk Powers

If an obelisk is being controlled by a circle, all its members are able to draw upon its power. Each obelisk grants a different power, which are listed below:

Obelisk of Nature
The Obelisk of Nature allows to harvest 300 more plants per an Imperian month, regardless of the rank in Concoctions or Trailblazing. This bonus is not modified by the Gloves of Harvesting, nor by the racial bonus of the Sylayan race. Additionally, the obelisk grants an ability to find plants one month before and one month after their usual growth period, although only in reduced amount. The only exception is that no plants will grow in the winter months.

Obelisk of True Sight
The Obelisk of True Sight enhances the Farsight ability in Perception. Attempts to locate other adventurers using this ability will not trigger the Warning defence, should your target have it active.

Obelisk of Aryana
The Obelisk of Aryana grants an increased affinity to the Moon of Life. All citizens will be able to REQUEST PASSAGE TO ARYANA upon arriving in front of Charon. This will -NOT- work if you died in an enemy/welcomed city, council, during an obelisk/outpost fight, or a shardfall. 

Obelisk of Moradeim
The Obelisk of Moradeim grants the power to FOCUS MORADEIM <target> to travel to anyone located on the same continent and plane. The ability is delayed and you may do nothing else while focusing on the Moon of Change. The attempt will be ruined if there is a monolith sigil or a consecration in the destination room, or if your target moves to another room. Your target will also be warned about the attempt.

Obelisk of Sukhder
The Obelisk of Sukhder grants the ability to FOCUS SUKHDER to disrupt a room with the power of the Moon of Terror. While a room is disrupted, the following effects will not be functional:
- monolith sigils
- consecration
- hazeward stones
- siege weapons located in the room (only affects players' ability to use them, guards will still shoot normally)

A room will stay disrupted for roughly 1/6 of an Imperian day, and it may then not be successfully disrupted again for another Imperian day. Due to the stress of using this ability, you can only use it once per an Imperian day, and you need at least level 50 to successfully focus Sukhder.