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23.1.2 Change Aspect Powers

Aspects of the Unified Moon are able to use any powers granted by the three Moons. The following powers are associated with Moradei, the Moon of Change. See HELP ASPECTS for information on choosing and using powers.

   Mimicry (1 monolith)
 - Syntax: MIMIC <person>
 - Take on the appearance of another to casual observers.
   Room of Change (2 monoliths)
 - This power allows you to travel to the Flux Vacuos, a room
   full of random portals. These portals will fluctuate every
   30 minutes.  Note that there is always a permanent northern
   exit to Caanae.

   Reincarnation (3 monoliths)
 - Syntax: REINCARNATE INTO <new statpack> <new race>
 - You may temporarily take on the form of a new race of your
   choice. You will only be able to retain the new race for
   12 hours, after which you will be reverted back to your
   previous race. You may only use this ability once every
   36 hours.

   Modulation (4 monoliths)
 - This power will cause one your stats (Strength, Dexterity,
   Constitution, and Intelligence) to randomly change. Each
   stat can only go up 1 point. You will have to LIBERATE ASPECT 
   in order to remove the modulation of your stats.

   Warp (5 monoliths)
 - Syntax: WARP
 - Instantly transport yourself to a random location in
   your local area.
 - Has a 5 minute cooldown.