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20.2.3 Patterns

A pattern is the basis for every design. In order to make a new design, a crafter must choose a pattern from which to base it.

To list the patterns that are available for use, you can use the PATTERN LIST command:
PATTERN LIST [filter] [value] ... [filter] [value]

This command takes a series of filters to narrow the results for you. The valid filters are:
 - Tradeskill <tailoring/woodcrafting/etc>
 - Name <name> (e.g. NAME BOOTS)
 - Canbelit <true/false> (shows only items that can/cannot be lit)

For example, if I wanted to find patterns for "cup" across all tradeskill, I would use PATTERN LIST NAME CUP. If I then wanted to narrow those results to only find a pattern that I can use with metalworking, I could use PATTERN LIST NAME CUP TRADESKILL METALWORKING.