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21.1 CLANS

What are clans?

Clans are simply generic, player-created and player-run organizations. A clan
could be:
   - a Noble House with various titles
   - a chess club with annual dues
   - a death cult
   - a group of performers
   - a family

Clans are highly customisable, and you are encouraged to use your imagination
when forming them.

Basic clan information

Anyone may join a clan, but you may only join a limited number of clans. You 
can purchase additional clan slots (see HELP CLAN SLOTS). A clan is led by one 
individual, who is the undisputed leader of the clan. He cannot be replaced 
unless he chooses to be.

In order to form a clan, you must go to Clan Headquarters, and have 500,000
gold in your inventory. You must know what you wish to call your clan (you
can change it later), as well as know what you wish to nickname your clan.

Forming a clan

FORM CLAN NAMED <name1> | <alias>

   - The first name can be up to 50 characters long and can be multiple words.

   - The second name can be only 1 word and no longer than 15 characters. It's
     more like an alias, so that, for instance, instead of typing CLANHELP THE
     DIAMANTE FAMILY, players can just do CLANHELP DIAMANTE (if that's what
     the founder called the clan alias).

   - You must separate the clan name and alias with the | character.

   - You must have 500,000 gold in your inventory, and be standing in Clan
     Headquarters. The 500,000 gold will be taken as the fee for clan

   - Upon forming the clan, you will automatically be the clan head.