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7.19.1 Pet Training

If you are one of the lucky few in possession of a Pet Training token, these are the various options available to you when customising your pet's actions and responses. With your token, your pet may have up to 20 unique reactions.

Reactions are responses to various 'events.' An event is something that happens that the pet can be taught to respond to. The events that your pet may respond to are:

 - Somebody entering the room
 - Somebody leaving the room
 - Somebody attacking the pet
 - Somebody saying something
 - Somebody emoting something
 - Somebody telling something to your pet
 - Somebody giving something to your pet
 - Somebody dropping something in your pet's room
 - Somebody picking something up in your pet's room
 - You mounting your pet
 - Your pet dying
 - Your pet badly hurt and near death
 - Your pet attacking someone
 - Your pet gathering something from the ground
 - Your pet wandering
 - Your pet witnessing someone attacking another mob
 - Random (Fires every 15 minutes or so)

The actions that your pet may take in response to any of the events above are:

 - Saying something
 - Yelling something
 - Telling someone something
 - Doing an emote
 - Moving in a direction
 - Following someone

Please contact the administration for information on how you can submit your pet training requests.