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7.12 The Rift

The Rift is a bit difficult to comprehend for most. It is a nonexistent place which stores things. Much like the mysterious "inventory" place everyone has.

The Rift stores certain types of objects in a trans-dimensional place that only you can access. It holds "Riftable" items and generally a large number of them. For those familiar with pocketbelts (see HELP POCKETBELT), the Rift is much like a "super pocketbelt" in that it is not limited to 6 kinds of items, has a much larger capacity for each item, and cannot be stolen.

The types of items which can be stored in the Rift are generally those which are groupable (see HELP GROUPING).

There are special commands used to access and inspect your personal Rift:

INR [<amount>|ALL] <item>
Put a given number of a single type of item (or all by default) into the Rift. If no amount is given, then the first item found will be used (or the entire first group, if the first item is a grouping item).

Put every riftable item in your inventory into the Rift.

OUTR [<amount>|ALL] <item>
Take a given number of a single type of item (or all by default) out of the Rift. If no amount is specified, then the default is to take out only one item.

Peek into the Rift to take a quick inventory of what is stored there. Note that this information also appears in a compact format in INV(ENTORY).

IR <item>
Search for particular items in your rift.