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7.15 Inks and their uses

Inks come in several colours, including red, blue, yellow, green, purple, and gold, though others may also exist. They are used in tattoos (see HELP TATTOOS), in the sketching of Runes (see HELP RUNELORE), and the skill of Rampage (HELP RAMPAGE).

A partial list of tattoos can be found in the parlour of REVERIE, the Artist, who sits in a mural-covered spot of the Western Nolmine mountains. Type WARES to see what Reverie has to sell. Please note that Reverie cannot make all of the tattoos in existence; for some you will have to contract the services of one with training in Tattoos. For those with Tattooing skill, using AB TATTOOS <tattooname> will describe the tattoo and what inks it requires.