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2.10 Landmarks

Certain landmark areas in the land are known to all by the age of 18 and can be moved towards automatically if you are within 50 rooms of the landmark.


- View the list of personal and local area landmarks you can move to. The list of public landmarks is listed below.

WALK TO <landmark name>
- Will move you one room closer to the landmark if you're able to walk to that room normally. See the list below.
- It takes approximately one second of balance, which makes it impractical for use in combat. Its primary uses are for when you're a newbie or when you're lost.                           

PATH FIND <landmark>
- Generates and shows you the shortest path to a landmark.

- Start speedwalking to a landmark after you have generated the path to it. See HELP PATHFINDING for more details.

- Creates a new personal landmark for you in your current room, with the provided name.
- You are initially limited to 25 landmarks. You can purchase the capacity to memorise 5 more at a time for 25 credits. See ARTIFACT LIST LANDMARK.

- Allows you to forget a previously defined landmark.

Name          Location
Antioch       Antioch Shuk
Aradia        A Lone Well
Batrisian     Path to an abandoned fortress
Blackpines    Beneath a dark tangle of boughs
Caanae        Aryana's Spring
Celidon       The Celidon Threshold
Cerise        Cerise's Gazebo
Coliseum      Outside the shattered walls of the coliseum
Deadwood      A hidden forest
Ithaqua       A junction of Wendigo catwalk
Khandava      Before a circle of Giant Redwood
Kinsarmar     Before the Kinsarmar Gate
Lirhin        A path approaching the clearing
Protectorate  A crudely cut trail
Reverie       The parlour of Reverie
Rythanis      The garden of Rythanis
Felton        A long stretch of sandy beach
Stavenn       A broken set of gates
Theroc        Amid the dunes
Transk        A cart path off the main road
Lorka'ig      Rolling hills in the Vardarian