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10.11.8 Towne Production

All townes can produce all raw materials. Each towne has a certain amount of workers, and towne governors can assign these workers to produce the desired materials. The governors need to coordinate their production settings with their city or council to ensure that all materials are being supplied properly.

The syntax for assigning workers is TOWNE ASSIGN WORKERS <amount> TO <material>. This specifies the amount of workers that will be producing the material - to remove workers from production, simply assign a lower number to the material. Assigning 0 workers to a material disables its production entirely. You can not assign more than 100 workers to a single material.

For each towne, the materials are divided into primary and non-primary ones. Primary materials are those that the towne was capable of producing until now (with some exceptions), and all others are non-primary. Production of non-primary materials is 50% slower.

The amount of workers that each towne has access to depends on how many primary materials the towne has - townes with one primary material get 100 workers, those with two get 200, and townes with three materials get 300 workers.

The TOWNE MAT SUMMARY command allows townes to effectively manage their material production. It lists worker count assigned to each material, current desirability, estimated amount of raw material units produced by the towne during an in-game month, as well as various hints on how to improve your production speed.

Once produced, the materials are available for purchase at the towne's material shop, where you can purchase the items using the BUY <v> <material> command. It is also possible to obtain the materials for free, using PLUNDER <x> <material>. This only works if the towne attendant is dead, and has a negative effect on the towne's production. To prevent this, townes can use guards, explained in HELP TOWNE GUARDS.

Thanks to Gordul Barnack's family farm, you can collect a figurine made especially for your towne, improving your material production speed.

To be granted this figurine, which can be given to your towne's commodity attendant, you must assist the Barnacks with their work. You will be able to locate the farm in the northern section of Bardosi. Once there, locate Daisy, she keeps to the upper levels of the farm house. She will get you started.

You cannot gain multiple figurines per towne per year, so be sure to either ask your attendant through tells "Who brought the figurine," or ask Daisy, "Is my towne's figurine available."