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9.3.1 Affinity

Affinity is a representation of how close you conform to the teaching of
your profession. The priest is taught that devotion and faith are       
superior to the inferior powers of magick and that demons are an evil   
that should not be dabbled in. Thus, when a priest decides to surround  
himself with those who support such activities or even use such defenses 
and skills, they will suffer from inner turmoil and conflict, thus      
lowering their affinity to their circle of knowledge. (See HELP CIRCLES)

As a player dabbles in other circles they will find a reduction in      
affinity. The more they subvert themselves to this power the lower their
affinity and the greater the consequence.                               

The AFFINITY command will show you how your affinity is currently being

The following items will reduce your affinity:
- Citizenship in a city not within the same circle of your profession.
- A high rate of citizens which belong to an opposing circle.
- Staying in areas which are under the influence of an opposing circle.
- Using defenses or skills which do not correspond with your circle.
- Wearing armour which is enhanced by skills not of your circle.
- Using weapons which are enhanced by skills not of your circle.
- Using or holding items which do not correspond with your circle.

Each level suffers from the following, cumulative effects:

- No penalties

99% to 80%
- Decreased benefits from eating toadstool plants.

79% to 60%
- Decreased benefits from health and mana elixirs.
- Heavy Sleeper
- Slightly reduced devotion and essence gain.

59% to 40%
- Decreased damage when attacking
- Increased damage from attacks
- Moderately reduced devotion and essence gain.

39% to 20%
- Slower balance and equilibrium times
- Greatly reduced devotion and essence gain.

19% - 0%
- Minus 1 to all stats
- No devotion or essence gain.